Jesus Christ was white and I will prove it!

There is no way of getting around race anymore. The hottest place to deal with race right now in 2020 is race in the church. You have heard Christianity will be the most hated religion in the world. You think it already is but you haven’t seen anything yet. I certainly pause for those that have lost their lives do to the Christian faith. It will get worse for 2 more reasons but in this article I will only focus mostly on one.

That reason is Jesus Christ was not dark colored, nor was Jesus a Jew. Oh I know what your thinking. The Bible says this and the Bible says that. Whoever thinks the King James Bible isn’t corrupted doesn’t live in the real world. That person still thinks we live on a spinning ball streaking through space at 666,000 mph like Captain Kirk on the enterprise. Satan or Gadre`El, the devil (3 Enoch 68:6-8, page 64) in tandem with the powerhouse Jews have corrupted the Word of God. 2,000 years ago there was no such thing as a Jew. The term Jew was not even invented until the 17th century. That’s right the 17th century.

A pastor once asked a very important question, very important! He asked, “Who was the first Jew?” Pastor James P Wickstrom…R.I.P. We have been taught lies in the seminaries from the Jewish rabbis. Today’s Ashkenazi “Jews” are not from the tribe of Judah, not are they Judean. neither are the negroes.

From JESUS THE FATHER’S  ADAMIC [WHITE SEED LINE], neither Adam [the man], ADAMIC Seth, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Eber, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David, and King Solomon are called a “Jew.” In fact, you will not find the word “Jew” in the first 11 books of the Holy Bible!  You can read over 500 pages in your Bible before you find the word “Jew” anywhere. Ashkenazi “Jews” claim the first 5 books of the Old Testament, called the Torah are theirs. The first time the ”Jews” are seen are in translations of the Bible revised in the 18th century. 

(Matthew 3:13) ADAMIC John was the first ADAMIC [man] to be called Baptist. The LORD God changed the name of  “ADAMIC” Abram to Abraham in (Genesis 17:5) and HE changed the name of “ADAMIC” Jacob to Israel in (Genesis 32:28) but nowhere in the parchments will you find where God The Father changed the name of ADAMIC Israel to “Jew.” Therefore there is no authority by which those who say they are Jews to claim to be of the house of “ADAMIC” Israel. 

Jesus Christ tells John in (Revelation 2:9) “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are “Jews” and are not but are the “SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN“ should read: “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are “Israelites” and are not but are the “SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN,” The Ashkenazi Jews usurped the identity of the ADAMIC [WHITE ISRAELITE] race. When you see the term Jew or Jews it should be Israel or Israelites. That means Jesus Christ was not a Jew. So who was it that crucified Jesus then?

Isaac’s son Esau had 5 wives each of whom were black serpent seed line. This was the the beginning of what is called Esau/Edom. Esau is red, Edom is black. Don’t let the black Hebrew Israelites find out the truth that the Edomites were really black. They wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they knew the truth. These Edomites and the original Romans that crucified Jesus Christ were blacks (Psalms 22:12-18). Is it coming into view yet? We are staring the origin of black and white racism in the face. If Jesus wasn’t a Jew what was He? Jesus was/is exactly what the Bible says He is. He was/is an ADAMIC WHITE ISRAELITE. I hear you now the Bible doesn’t say Jesus was white. Well, you are 100% wrong. It gets technical from here so slow down and take in what I’m explaining to you.

FOR IT IS WRITTEN: (Genesis 5:1 AMP) THE HOLY BIBLE tells the story when JESUS THE FATHER, THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR “FORMED” ‘toledaw’, [‘race’], of ‘a-dam’”, “ruddy-white,” #119 Adam, “‘eth-ha-‘Adham” a distinct “FORMATION” of [MAN] in (Genesis 2:7-22). JESUS THE FATHER of Colossians 2:9 “FORMED” Adam [THE WHITE MAN] in the image of [HIMSELF] through [HIS] 100% PURE [WHITE STOCK SEED LINE].  The “ADAMIC” [WHITE RACE] was “FORMED” in the image of JESUS THE FATHER. (Genesis 5:1 AMP).  And Jesus Christ said, “I AM not sent but “ONLY” to the lost sheep of the house of  [ADAMIC] ISRAEL.” (Matthew 15:24). You CANNOT get Jesus being black, dark skinned, olive colored skinned, or Middle Eastern looking skin from  ‘toledaw’, [‘race’], of ‘a-dam’”, “ruddy-white,” #119 Adam, “‘eth-ha-‘Adham” a distinct “FORMATION” of [MAN]. When JESUS walked this earth, Jesus Christ was an ADAMIC [WHITE ISRAELITE], not a Jew.

ADAMIC or Adam [THE MAN] means:  #119, #120, #121 #122, #219, #1305, #1588, #3835, #4899, #6703, 100% pure white stock race, the chosen, the elect, the remnant, the Christians, ruddy-white skin, red lips, can turn flush, able to blush in the face, rosy pink cheeks, having a fair (white) countenance, bright white, laban, ivory, white as snow, “without spots,” (not a negro) golden, clean, purified, with black brown red to blonde hair, with emerald green to dazzling sapphire blue eyes as the fish pools of Heshbon. Where do negroes, Mexicans, or anyone else have evidence that proves contrary?  (Revelation 1:14) where it says His “HEAD” and His hairs were white like wool, doesn’t say Jesus was black like the black Hebrew Israelites cry day in and day out on street corners cursing out white people.

 (Psalm 45:2-3 ISV) Gives you a description of Jesus Christ: You are the fairest [having a fair (white) countenance] and most handsome of the descendants of Adam; therefore God has blessed you forever. (KJV) Thou art fairer than all children of [men], (CEV) No one is as handsome as you, (Brenton Septuagint Translation) Thou art more beautiful and fair [having a fair (white) countenance] than the other sons of ADAMIC [men]. (MEV) you are fairer then all the sons of men; God has blessed you forever.” You are the fairest of the descendants of Adam. (Song of Solomon 5:10) “WHITE & RUDDY.” (1 Peter 1:19) “without spot or blemish.“ (Matthew 17) tells Jesus’s face and His garments were white shining like the sun light, not like a negro/black, Mexican, or Middle Eastern looking Jews. How many negro/blacks shine like the sun light?

“All men are created equal”, “they that call,” “whosoever will,” “one blood,” “every tribe,” “nation,” “and tongue,” “kinsmen,” “Hellenistic,” “whoever seeks His face,” “they which are,” “called,” “chosen,” “inheritance”, “predestined”, “redeemed”, “elect”, “foreknown” “purchased possession” and the rest are all within the confines of the ADAMIC [WHITE ISRAELITE] race. The LORD God said in (Exodus 6:7) and I will take you to be my people and I will be to you your God. Moses said in (Exodus 7:16) the LORD God of the Hebrews (Israelites) not the LORD God of all  races of men.  The Holy Bible is the “written account” of the next 6,000 years of the new ADAMIC [ARYAN, GREEK, HEBREW, ISRAELITE, WHITE ANGLO‑SAXON, CAUCASIAN, GERMANIC, CELTIC, SCANDINAVIAN AND KINDRED PEOPLES OF THE WORLD. WE are the theme of [ALL SCRIPTURE]. I know that is a lot to take in, but sometimes the truth takes a while.

Now that you see the Biblical proof for yourself, you can completely disregard the thousands of articles written by blacks of the Hebrew Israelite movement. They only make claims and statements never providing the right Scriptures in the right context. The only thing they provide is lies and hot temper tantrums.

In my next article I will explain the other reason in much more detail why the Christian faith will be hated so much more than it is now. I will have to do quickly before I lose my civil right of free speech. If you are an ADAMIC WHITE ISRAELITE may the LORD JESUS richly bless you and your kinsmen. Keep looking and listening for the Rapture of Israel. It’s time for Israel to remember who you are.

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